List of lab suppliers offering take-back programmes

  1. STARLAB: pipette tip boxes
  2. Kimberly-Clark Professional: nitrile gloves, lab coats, safety glassess
  3. New England Biolabs: Shiping boxes
  4. Promega: Styrofoam boxes
  5. VWR: Returnable Container Advantage Program (ReCAP) Sealed 200L stainless steel containers, filled with BDH high-purity Acetonitrile or Methanol.
  6. VWR: Garment Recycling Solution
  7. TerraCycle: Protective Eyewear Recycling Box
  8. TerraCycle: Disposable Gloves Recycling Box
  9. Thermofisher Scientific: SeqStudio Cartridge
  10. Corning Recycles (Corporate sponsored — completely free to end users!)
  • Corning®, Falcon®, or Axygen® product packaging including Pipet tip racks,* lids,* plastic bags, and shrinkwrap, Centrifuge Tube plastic bags and styrofoam racks, Serological pipet plastic bags for cell culture wrappers,** paper/plastic wrappers, and plastic bags for cell culture dishes, plates, and flasks

11. Millipore-Sigma:

Did I miss anything? Let me know and I will complete this list.



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