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Adriana Wolf Perez, PhD
2 min readJun 23, 2021

Dr. Adriana-Michelle Wolf Pérez is actively engaged in educating scientists about sustainable research.

Volunteering for various environmental projects (e.g. removing plastic from the sea in Denmark, TV appearance) and attending many circular economy courses (e.g. “Plastic, People and the Planet” at British Antarctic Survey´s Aurora Innovation Centre in 2020, Ellen MacArthur circular economy courses), motivated her to take actions to promote the idea of sustainable research.

In her podcast The Caring Scientist: Mission Sustainable she discusses with co-host Dr. Nikoline Borgermann about the environmental footprint of science and provides hands-on tips to reduce environmental pollution caused by research. The podcast was ranked 35th in the BBC podcast charts in 2021 and ever since Nikoline and Adriana have been invited to give talks at conferences, acadmic labs and companies. An exciting opportunity resulted when they gave a talk for scientists based in the Antarctic to aid them to reduce their environmental footprint in such a pristine environment. Consequently, Adriana started as a volunteer Sustainability Columnist for British Antarctic Survey and a Volunteer Climate Officer for the government initiative Collective for Climate Action.

Later on she also lectured the graduate course Sustainable Research Practices and Circular Sensor Design at the University of Cambridge, one of the first courses in the UK about sustainable research.



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